Hello, and long time no see!

I apologize to anyone who has been waiting for me to update my blog –I’ve been busy finishing off my years in college and settling down to the work environment, and during most of that period I subleased a room with subpar kitchen for me to continue blogging (or even to cook). I am currently still in transition to temporarily move in with my parents in South Korea, but I thought I would have a “soft reopening” of my blog by starting a new tab: Pseudo veganism, or more broadly, Food Journaling.

The reason why I have decided to add this tab is mainly for me. For as long as I could remember, I suffered from binge eating. Though not diagnostically evaluated by a psychologist, I meet most, if not all, of the diagnostic criteria for Binge Eating Disorder on the DSM-V. From journaling my food intake and sharing them online, I hope to be more aware of what I eat, and also be able to introduce cheap and convenient ways to eat healthy and/or vegan, as well as good restaurants around me. My tentative plan is to create two tabs –one for Pseudo Veganism and the other (name to be determined) for restaurant reviews. Why I decided to come up with “Pseudo Veganism” is because as a huge animal lover, I realized that I am more conscious of what I eat when I cut myself from eating pork for nine months and beef for approximately three months last year due to my beliefs in animal rights. Though I no longer continue that, I believe that actively participating to eating vegan whenever possible would be a big stepping stone for me to reduce overeating and stand up to what I believe. That being said, I would like to underscore that my posts on Post Veganism are by no means to encourage, or discourage, a vegan lifestyle. The primary goal of creating this blog was to introduce cheap and easy cooking, and as it now has expanded to food journaling as a rehabilitative way to recover from binge eating, it may not always be nutritionally balanced.

Lastly, for my followers and visitors for my recipes: don’t fret! I will continue to post new recipes every now and then, and I even hope to renew all of my previous recipes in the near future. This process may take a bit longer, as I may have my own kitchen until May of next year, but I will try my best to not be completely absent I was before. Stay tuned!

Nom with Me

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