Chapaguri or Jjapaguri (짜파구리) Recipe


Jjapaguri is a mixture of Chapaghetti, instant black bean noodle, and Neoguri, a spicy Korean ramen.

The combination of the two makes a great spicy black bean noodle that’s easy and quick to make!

jjapaguri recipe

Ingredients: (2-3 serving):

jjapaguri recipe

2 Chapaghetti ramen
1 Neoguri ramen

jjapaguri recipe

Step 1. Fill a pot with water and add all the vegetable flakes.

Wait until water starts boiling and then add the ramen.

jjapaguri recipe

Step 2. When the ramen is completely cooked, drain the water and add the sauces for Chapaghetti and Neoguri.

jjapaguri recipe

Mix thoroughly so that you won’t have any bite of salty clump of the sauce!

jjapaguri recipe


I particularly enjoy the chapaguri with an aged kimchi 🙂

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