1 Step Nutella & Go! Recipe

This is not only cheap, but an easier alternative to Nutella & Go!

nutella and go

It all happened when I came across this little container of Nutella on campus
and thought I could come up with something similar.

nutella & go rusk

Close enough 😀


bread crusts

rusk nutella to go

Step 1. Align bread crusts (do not stack them on top of each other) on a sheet of paper towel or a microwaveable plate and microwave it for approximately 2 minutes.

Experiment with your microwave, as it can differ from one to the other.
And be careful not to overheat it, because the crusts can get burnt.

Once finished, let it cool and harden.
It might be a good idea to prepare a generous scoop of Nutella and a cup of cold milk while you’re waiting.

rusk nutella to go



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