Golbimmen (골빔면) Recipe

This dish was another menu that I came across from Happy Together Late Night Cafeteria (해피투게더 야간매점).

It is a simpler version of golbaengi muchim (골뱅이무침),
a Korean salad with bai top shell, various vegetables such as cucumber and onion, and cooked cold noodles.


Ingredients (2 servings):

2 bibim men with 3 sauce packages, or 2 with extra chogochujang (초장; red chili pepper paste with vinegar)
200 grams of golbaengi (골뱅이; bay top shell)
cucumber and/or onion

Golbimmen Golbimmen

Here are the pictures of the ingredients I used, just in case you need it to find them at stores.


Step 1. Cook ramen as directed in the ramen package.

Golbimmen Golbimmen

Step 2. Meanwhile, Chop golbaengi into small pieces and thinly slice onions (and/or cucumbers).
Rinse both of the ingredients in running water and mix together with red chili pepper paste.


Step 3. Rinse the cooked ramen in cold, running water and place next to the golbaengi muchim.


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