Cola Chicken Recipe

I know it sounds gross, but trust me. It’s really good.


Ingredients: (2 servings)

any kind of chicken (wings/thighs/whole)
2 spoons crushed garlic
vegetable oil
500ml cola
5 spoons soy sauce
jalapeños (optional)
oriental noodles (optional)
potatoes (optional)
onions (optional)
carrots (optional)


Step 1. Soak chicken in milk and pour generous amount of pepper.
Leave in for 20 minutes or longer.


Step 2. Rinse the chicken in running water, and boil in water for 10 minutes.


Step 3. Put 2 spoonful of crushed garlic and vegetable oil in the pan.
Cook in high heat until golden brown.


Step 4. Add 400ml cola and 5 spoons soy sauce into the pan.

IMG_2027 IMG_2030

Step 5. Add chicken (optional: and preferable amount of
jalapeños, oriental noodles, potatoes, and carrots).
Make small cuts on the chicken with a pair of scissors so it will be thoroughly cooked.


Step 6. Let it simmer in low heat for approximately 20 minutes,
until there is no remaining sauce.


Step 7. Add the remaining 100ml cola and a spoon soy sauce, and simmer in high heat.

IMG_2033 IMG_2034

Enjoy with a bowl of rice.


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